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Vincent Kelley

As Joshua Sullivan


Jose Contreras

As Officer Juan Ortega


Crismat Mateo

As Carlo "CJ" Bautista


Kimberly Elle

As Chrystal Sullivan

Vincent Kelley although a new comer to the Bay Area, he is no stranger to the stage when considering some of his past performances. Singer, songwriter, director, husband & father are just a few titles back in Charlotte, NC. Thankful for every opportunity, Vincent could not do what he does without the love and support of his loving wife Melissa, six children, his team at a Judah Church, and his supporting cast mates and the TBMLY Family!

Jose Contreras is a young comic out of the East Bay who entertains audience with his infectious smile and witty perspectives on everything from race to bathroom etiquette. Jose has performed with the likes of legends such as George Wallace and Tommy Davidson and you can catch him making people laugh at shows all over the Bay Area.

Crismat Mateo (CJ) is crossing over from singing to theater through “To Be More Like You.” Crismat, a teacher, is a singer-songwriter who incorporates music into his teaching as he feels that it is the best form of literature. He thanks God for blessing him with many talents and opportunities, and his family and friends for supporting his goals and dreams.

Kimberly Elle is an outgoing chef and aspiring actress who has appeared in several theatre productions most recently as Sharon in the gospel stage play Stained Glass. Kimberly a native of Oakland , CA studied theater, television acting  and culinary arts at Laney College. She is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside all of the talented actors and actresses in the production of To Be More Like You  and thanks all of her friends and family for their continued support.


Ben Cole

As Steven Sullivan


T'Keyah Saffold

As Evelyn Lucas


Saida Mulder

As Rose Washington


Tiffany Mangum

As Momma Janet


Anori Grimes

As Destiny Carpenter


Andrew Dacayanan

As John Cannon


Roxanne Miller

As Yanna Adams


Steven Green

As Pete Washington

Ben Cole,  Debuting his first role in the original stage play "To Be More Like You." Graduating with his Degree in Music from Sierra College and works as a vocal Instructor at Voice Academy located in Roseville, CA. Cole also has original music available on all streaming platforms. Cole wants to thank God, his spouse, family and friends for their ongoing love and support. "

T’Keyah Saffold also known as Key. As an inspiring actress, she has landed her First role in TBMLY as Evelyn Lucas. She has artistry in the drawing world as well as many other gifts. She would like to thank the Executive producers and production team for this opportunity. As well as the lovely cast of TBMLY and her  family and friends who came to support her. 

Saida Mulder is making her professional debut in To Be More Like You. Saida, a graduate of SJSU, is a worshipper/vocal coach/co-founder of Bay Worship Collective. She is grateful for the love and support of her friends, family and mentors. Most important she is grateful to God for carrying her from glory to glory.

Tiffany Binion-Mangum was born and raised in Fresno, CA, with formal education and training in theatre performance, dance (ballet, jazz, liturgical, modern), piano, and voice. Featured/Lead Roles in various musical theatre productions including Miracle, Carmen Jones, God’s Trying to Tell You Something, and more. Featured as Rhonda (Lead Actress) in the Crisis Media, Inc. film Shaded Passions, written/directed by Rodney Pearson.

Anori Grimes is honored to make her acting debut in To be more like you, the stage play. She is an evolving actress under the instruction of The T, at John Casablancas. Anori also uses Instragram to showcase her different skills and talents, @720passionfruit. She sends A HUGE THANK YOU to her mother for supporting her passions. 

Andrew Dacayanan is making his debut in TBMLY. Andrew is a breakdance performer and competitor from the Bay Area. He is grateful for the love and support of his family and friends and would like to thank all those involved in TBMLY for the faith and opportunity to be a part of this life changing experience.

 Roxanne Miller is making her debut in a production play “To Be More Like You!” For Roxanne DANCE is life! Her dance knowledge is in: ballet, pointe jazz, tap, liturgical and hip hop. Each summer she attended the Alvin Ailey productions in NY to perfect my craft.

Steven Green is a musician-singer-songwriter-composer who can be found ministering weekly at many Northern California churches. He also has a band called the Lifeline who performs from a wide variety of musical genres. Steven is excited to add acting to his range of performance abilities via this live presentation of To Be More Like You 


Ashli Fisher

As Tiffany Cameo


Rochelle Segura

Auntie Cynthia


Zaire Whitaker

As P.R. Dance Team


Lissette Jackson

As P.R. Dance Team

Ashli Fisher, born and raised in Oakland, Ca has been performing for a while now and she is super grateful for this opportunity to be a part of this production of “To be more like you”. Thanks to all of those involved and I hope y’all enjoy the show! 

Rochelle Cartagena-Segura is a phenomenal actress born and raised in Newark, NJ. She has held down principle roles in historical plays such as "West Side Story" and "In The Heights" and this with no formal training. In these roles she was hand picked based on her funny and vivacious personality along with her great vocal ability caused her to shine through the masses. You can catch Rochelle traveling with Maverick City Worship Choir, or working as a professional Chef offering her native Puerto Rican and Carribbean Cuisine

Zaire Whitaker of Sacramento, CA is making his theater debut with the TBMLY cast and crew! Despite being just 15 years old, he has been singing and acting since 2014, and has aspirations to become a gospel singer and pianist. While still in performing arts high school, Zaire actively pursues his dreams, and recently performed Vandross’ classic Always and Forever to a sold out crowd for a Spring Concert event, earning his new beloved moniker, “Baby Luther”. 

Lissette Jackson (Lexi) making her stage debut in TBMLY. Lissette is originally from Chicago, Illinois Lissette is a member of Tehillah Praise Dance ministry. Worshiping and praising God through dance, and other visual arts brings Lissette much joy. This stage play has opened Lissette’s eyes in so many ways. Lissette is excited that this stage play will give hope to many.


Solachi Voz

As Herself


Tajuana Hill

As Tori Adams


Robert Boboc

As Chad Sullivan


Fred Demehri

As Bob Nelly

Solachi Voz is an artist, entrepreneur, writer, and actress. Originally from Elkhart Indiana, she has now called the Bay Area, CA home for the past six years. As a multifaceted vocalist and instrumentalist, she balances her love for music with that of creative writing, weaving uniquely descriptive scenes and emotions for her listeners for over 15 years.

Tajuana Hill is a graduate of Napa Valley College. She finds joy in her career as a special education institutional leader. She also a professional background vocalist in multiple singing groups in the Bay area. She is very appreciative of the love and support of her family, friends and the To Be More Like You producers and cast mates throughout this experience. 

Robert Boboc is making his theatrical debut in To Be More Like You.  Robert has trained at Berkeley Repertory Theatre as well as S.F. Acting Academy.  He is very thankful to Shelene Huey-Booker for this opportunity and would like to thank his family and friends for their love and support.

Fred Demehri is a musician and actor. In college in Iran he was in The Lesson by Eugene Ionesco, Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Martin McDonagh, and he wrote an adaptation of The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.  "It is my dream to be on stage and acting again.  Thank you to the assistant director Terrance ( The T) for  giving me a chance to be part of this amazing play To Be More Like You".


Salayah Harris

Positive Reflections Youth


Bobbie Harris

Positive Reflections Youth

Zoey Elliott Resume 2023-1.png

Zoey Elliott

ENS-U/S Tiffany Cameo


Keion Rothchild

Positive Reflections Youth

Salayah Harris  is a vibrant 11 year old that had her first role in a stage play at the age of 4. She was such a great talent, she knew all of her lines before she could even read. She has a very bright future ahead of her in acting, and we are all excited to see where she's going.

Bobbie Harris is a power house of personality. She lends her talent as one of the Positive Reflections Youth,  but she definitely stands out in the group. She is bold and fierce when on stage and is also very helpful and encouraging. We can't wait to see what's next for her.

 Zoey Elliott is a passionate actor featured in numerous Broadway & company-based productions. “As an autistic teen, I never felt like I fit in. Theater has always been the one place where I can shine being me and the cast is like family. I have a photographic memory and a hearty mezzo-soprano voice coupled with a brave soul. 

Keion Rothchild is coming to us through YUPP Org and we are very glad to have him in this production. As one of the Positive Reflection Youth, he plays his role well and definitely lends to the atmosphere. His non-verbal expressions speak volumes and we are so blessed to have him on the team.

Dafne's Headshot.JPG

Dafne Torres

ENS-U/S Newscaster


Dhira Ramakrishnan

ENS-U/S Auntie Cynthia

carjonie the one_edited.jpg

Carjonie Cross

Background Vocalist


Timeka Michele

Background Vocalist

Dafne Torres is an actress and model. She studied method acting and taught drama as well. She has directed a group of 80 students in the play "A Christmas Carol" and studied at the world famous acting academy John Casablanca. She feels acting is an avenue to capture and share the essence of special moments. 

Dhira Ramakrishnan has been in various Bay Area performing groups over the past 20 years, including singing in the Oakland Symphony Chorus. She has acted in independent films and performed with South Asian musical theatre companies. She is so grateful for the opportunity to be a part and thanks her spouse and children for their support.

Carjonie Cross is a Bay Area vocalist who has been singing for as long as she can remember. In addition to working on solo projects, she also participates in many singing groups. She is currently singing Soprano in the Bay Area gospel group Mysunn Turner and the Movement for Christ

Timeka Michele is a powerful songstress that has lent her extrodinary voice to this production and we are blessed to have her. As a background vocalist she is allowing these songs to have strong legs to stand on.


The T

Casting Dir/1st AD


Tiffany Jamison

Stage Manager


Theophilus Booker

Assistant Stage Manager


Chyrell "GiGi" Wise

Assistant Stage Manager

The T is an actor, singer, dancer, model, writer, director, educator, and more. His work spans from the West Coast and across the Atlantic to Europe. The T has worked with YUPP ORG with their Breaking Barriers Performing Arts Group and currently teaches at John Casablanca's Acting and Modeling School of San Jose.

Tiffany Jamison returns to the Theatre after 8 years! In 2014 she received he B.A. in Dramatic Arts with an emphasis in Theatre from UC Davis. She is an actor, dancer, singer/songwriter, and stage manager. In The Arts for 18 years, she has worked on multiple projects with creative individuals from the US and the UK.

Theophilus Booker is a powerful creative that handles the management of set design and stage transitions for this production. We are blessed to have him be a part of this production. 

Chyrell "GiGi" Wise is a part of the stage management team. She is also a professional chef and caterer that effortlessly  handles the craft services for the production. On top of all of those skills, she's a self care advocate and entrepreneur that sales her own line of body butters and lotions.  

ms bernice.jpg

Bernice Johnson

Prop Master

michelle dunn.jpg

Michelle Dunn

Costume Design


Alea Woods

Programming Editor

Coming Home - Zak1 ft V Boy.00_02_00_11_edited.jpg


Special Musical Guest

Bernice Johnson is the owner of BJE Talent Management. her skills include producing, stage managing, directing, and facilitator. She is a voice over actor, life coach, and a published author. Bernice is a profound artist and a minister of the Gospel. We are excited to have her on the team.  

Michelle Dunn is a personal stylist and shopper. She has a keen sense of style and an eye for fashion that fits no matter who the model is. She is a licensed Cosmetologist from the Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology. She has a real passion for fashion as the owner of Dunn By Michelle.

Alea Marie is a well known makeup artist that has handled makeup for full casts, weddings, and concert events. She has a great handle on the cast for TBMLY and we are beyond grateful for her lending her services to this production.  

Zak 1, born Zachary Aaron Matthews, a Christian hip-hop artist coming out of San Francisco. God has given him a gift and he wants to give back to anyone listening. May it be a blessing to hearts and minds, in Jesus' name. 

IMG_4026 (1).jpg

Antonio Cunningham

Vocal Director


Adam Bailey

Musical Director

TBMLY 2nd Run FLYER 1 1080x1920 on sale now.png

D'Mauriae Harris


TBMLY 2nd Run FLYER 1 1080x1920 on sale now.png

Donovan Phillips


Antonio "AJ" Cunningham is a renown Vocal producer who has recently worked as a music arranger for Disney's Holiday Spectacular. He is also an established Vocal director for TVONE's Urban One Honors and countless other projects, He is the owner of Atlanta based Vocal production company Solfire Music.

Adam Bailey is a musician, producer, and songwriter from San Francisco. He recently starred in the animated TV show "8 Dayz A Week" featuring the Shirlee Temper Band. He grew up developing music skills by ear along with various educations. He has his own production company and is grateful to his parents for their support. 

D'Mauriae Harris is from San Francisco and grew up in a musical family. He is the beat behind the band and has carried his drum all across the globe. We are beyond blessed to have him with us once again. 

TBMLY 2nd Run FLYER 1 1080x1920 on sale now.png

Doug Jones


TBMLY 2nd Run FLYER 1 1080x1920 on sale now.png

Logan D'Arcey

Set Design/Lighting

TBMLY 2nd Run FLYER 1 1080x1920 on sale now.png

Jamie Leary

Sound Design

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